Start the Day with a Morning Ritual

Like many small business owners and entrepreneurs, we often need to wear many different 'hats' each day.  Today, for example, I have been our social media writer, event organiser, product development manager and accountant, all before 11am! 

As someone who can find it hard to switch off, I admit, at times over the last three years to having been buried in the business and all that trying to grow it and make it a success means to me.

A big advocate of yoga, meditation and keen to take care of my wellbeing, I am always interested to read about ways to work more effectively, switch off and make the most of each day.  One Shopify blog post I read proposed the idea of creating a morning ritual.

I think we would all agree that your morning can set the tone for the entire day.  Get out of bed late and in a slight panic and you can stay feeling that way until you finally sit down with a glass of wine or just crash into bed 16 hours later.  So, the idea of investing a little bit of time in yourself first thing makes sense, if it has a noticeable impact on your productivity, creativity and sense of balance.

I have started switching my phone to airplane mode around 7pm each evening.  I then only switch it back on the following day, after my morning 'me time'.  On waking up, I have a cup of hot water and lemon and then do some form of exercise, most often swimming, yoga, running or just a stretch.  I also aim to spend 8-10 minutes sitting watching my breath, meditating.  This is the hardest part, as doing nothing is often less appealing than getting on with something.  But, when I do it, I feel the effects in the way I approach decisions and tasks for the rest of the day with a greater sense of space and clarity.  After a smoothie or avocado on toast, I'm then ready to switch my phone on and do some work, until my daily coffee ritual, which usually involves heading out in search of a latte around 11am.  

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