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As Spring starts to unfurl itself albeit gradually, I for one love how the world around us takes on a fresh colour. The trees sprout green leaves, cliff tops sprout with pinks and yellows, and we ourselves begin to wear brighter colours. So why should our plates be any different?

I was once told by a nurse not to eat beige and it has become a simple reference for my home cooking and eating. By beige, the nurse was referring to refined, processed, low nutrient foods such as crisps, refined flour and sugar.  These are found in foods such as white bread, white pasta, many shop bought cakes, biscuits and pizza.

As in life, it is often true that a multicoloured meal is better for you than one in shades of, well, beige.  The more different colours you can eat, the better as it means you are giving your body a wonderful variety of nutrients, needed to support the body’s key systems and healing processes.

Here are some tips to eat colourful this Spring:

1. One easy way to cut down on these foods is to experiment with wholegrain flours and unprocessed grains.  For example you can buy wholewheat, spelt or brown rice pasta in many supermarkets and whole food shops, which instantly makes a meal look and taste more interesting.

2. Love a sandwich at lunchtime? Try swapping mayonnaise for blended avocado with a squeeze of lime - it will add colour, flavour and texture to an otherwise beige sandwich.

3. If in doubt, sprinkle it with pomegranate seeds! They provide bursts of flavour, and make a salad instantly more colourful.

4. It's always great to have lots of fruit and veg in the fridge, but we've all been there when it's the end of the week and there's the odd half cucumber, handful of blueberries and a bag of spinach that might not live to fight another day. This is where smoothies come in! Check out a delicious smoothie recipe here!


Love Em x

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  • Hi Emma and Nicholas, firstly congratulations to you both very exciting news! Hope you are feeling better Emma. Love to read what is going on at the Meadow, perhaps we will get there one day. Love to both xx


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