Meet The Team: Floor Manager Abbie

The Meadow team are a talented bunch, not only do they make the best coffee in town, certain members can write a pretty decent tune too, we caught up with our Floor Manager, massage therapist and singer/songwriter Abbie to find out more.

Favourite Coffee?

My coffee taste depends on my mood... I tend to lean towards an oat milk cortado in the mornings to give me a bit of a pick me up; although more often than not it's a single shot, otherwise I'll end up drinking too many coffees throughout the day!

Hows your Latte art?

Not too bad but there's always room for improvement right? My favourite thing to do is a Rosetta, and am slowly perfecting my swans!

Favourite menu item?

Definitely the veggie breakfast. anything with halloumi is a sure fire winner with me! OOO but the pea purse on toast is also amazing... this is too hard a question!

Most Bizarre customer request?

'The vegan breakfast and and oat milk flat white... Throw a sausage on there too'. Not that bizarre I guess but it did make me chuckle.

What do you love most about living and working in Pembrokeshire?

The scenery! I get to live in my childhood holiday destination and work with a great bunch of people. What more could anyone want! It takes me about half an hour to get into work in the morning, and it's the most beautiful drive ever. Especially when you catch the sun rise!

Musical influences and plans for playing/recording next year?

My biggest musical influence has to be Joni Mitchell. Her range and musicality is spot on, the biggest compliment I've had has been when I've been told I reminded someone of her. Im Hoping to do a couple of festivals next year, and also some local gigs, so look out for those! Im Also in the process of writing another EP\album depending on how many songs I get done in the next few months. I'm hoping to record with some of Pembrokeshires finest musicians in one of Pembrokeshires finest this space!

Where can people hear your music?

I have two EP's on spotify/iTunes. But the easiest place to link to all of my music online is via my website; I love hearing feedback on my songs so do comment like and share, every little helps online at the moment. I also have a Facebook music page so feel free to like and follow me on there!


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Thank you for all of your support. X

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