4 Ways to Rediscover the Art of Living Simply

Since moving to the coast on the Northern part of the St Davids peninsular, and living so close to nature, I feel an increased awareness of the natural beauty that surrounds us and, in the vein of many others who share this part of the world, we are trying to buy less and live a little more, allowing experiences to replace things.

We have joined our local community farm veg box scheme, cycle a couple of miles for coffee and lose our wifi if it gets a bit windy!  In this blog, I share some of the simple things I love to do.

  • Waking up early and taking it slow for a few hours before time matters and 'to do' lists become relevant for the day.  I make rose or lemon tea, meditate and do some yoga, it's also a good time for a walk outside.  I've been setting the alarm for 6am during the winter months (with some success...) and will be aiming for 5am once Spring arrives and the catering side of the business will be active from around 7am.
  • Coffee.  I love discovering new cafes, ordering a latte and being served perfectly steamed milk and beautiful espresso.   Done well, that little ritual can set me up for the day.
  • Swimming in the sea.  A dip in British waters can be invigorating any time of year if you allow yourself time to can catch your breath and adjust to the shock of the cold water enveloping you.  We've been using wetsuits the last month or so while we try and improve our surfing but nothing beats a wetsuit free plunge to set you up for the day or clear a foggy head.
  • Time in the kitchen.  Creating dishes, playing with recipes and getting lost in the flow of creating something wholesome and delicious.  And at the end, having a new jar of something colourful on the windowsill or a tray of treats cooling on the side.

Making time for simple things to do helps me to switch off from the many things buzzing around my mind at any time and remember the simple art of enjoying the moment and not obsessing about the future, the what ifs and the to do list.

I think this may be what is currently called Hygge?!  Maybe it's just about re-discovering the art of living simply.


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