Slightly Salty Yoga Interview


What made you want to start yoga?

Well, the first time I went to a class the teacher actually laughed at me for not being able to touch my toes  so I didn’t go to a class again for three years. Meanwhile I developed a really bad shoulder injury and yoga was the one thing that really helped so I started self practising on a regular basis and now I’m injury free.

What made you want to teach Yoga?

I wanted to help other people who also had suffered injuries plus friends were asking if I could show them poses so it kind of developed from there.

What's special about teaching Yoga in Pembrokeshire?

I think its the variety of people that makes it really unique, from surfers to climbers lots of people are really into outdoor pursuits so its great to work with like minded people and help keep clients injury free so they can enjoy their chosen activities

What are your views on the connection between Yoga and nature?

I think they both help people find a place of quiet and stillness away from all things digital so that they can rediscover a deeper sense of self connection and peace, plus I love teaching outdoors if the Pembrokeshire weather is behaving!

How does Yoga improve Surfing or climbing?

With both sports practicing yoga helps improve balance, flexibility and overall body strength. It also counter balances all the pull movements that both surfing and climbing involve as Yoga is mainly based on push movements.

What does the word Spiritual mean to you?

Without sounding cheesy it means being considerate to others as well as the environment around you and basically not being an arse hole!

Living by the coast do you see a similarity between yoga and the ocean?

I like to think my practise is inspired by the fluid motion of water, you can’t control the sea and I think that can relate to yoga by letting go of your expectations. The breath work we practise in yoga also has a very rhythmic, oceanic-like quality. 

Advice for wannabe teachers?

Just go for it, you’ll never be totally ready so just take the leap, as long as you have lots of passion you’ll make it. 

Where can people find you in the digital world?

I’m on Instagram slightly_salty_

Youtube Slightly Salty Yoga

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