What's special about coffee at The Meadow?

We're just a little bit obsessed with our coffee here at The Meadow, and we get asked a lot about our secret to a great cuppa. So here's a brief run down of some of the reasons why coffee at The Meadow is just that little bit special.


The Recipe

We dial in the coffee every morning to ensure the espresso tastes perfect. Coffee is a lot like baking really, if the recipe isn't right, then you won't end up with what you're expecting!

Our ideal recipe is 18g of freshly ground beans = 36g of beautiful espresso. To dial this in we check how quickly the coffee is coming through as well as the weight, and adjust the coarseness of the grind accordingly. Over the course of the day the grinder can stray, so we continue to check this throughout the day!

The Milk

So once we've got the recipe right, we have our perfectly balanced espresso. But when it comes to milky drinks like Lattes or Flat Whites, this is only half the story. We steam our milk to between 60-70 degrees, this ensures the milk retains it's sweetness and paired with the aeration the milk gets from the steamer, creates the microfoam that leads to that creamy texture.

60-70 degrees is a bit cooler than some people are used to. Overheating milk burns off the natural sugars and so it loses its sweetness. This is the reason Meadow coffee rarely needs sugar added to it!

The Ratio

All of our coffees are double shot as standard. A double shot in our 6oz or 10oz cups ensures the perfect ratio of coffee to milk, and means the coffee doesn't get lost in the milk or watered down in an Americano.

So there we are, there's no mystery to it really! With a bit of science and some care and attention from our baristas, we keep your coffee tasting exactly as it should.

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