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Product image 1Wild Meadow - Wellbeing Day
Product image 2Wild Meadow - Wellbeing Day
Product image 3Wild Meadow - Wellbeing Day
Product image 4Wild Meadow - Wellbeing Day
Product image 5Wild Meadow - Wellbeing Day
Product image 6Wild Meadow - Wellbeing Day
Product image 7Wild Meadow - Wellbeing Day

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This workshop is perfect for those looking to re-energise both body and mind but with limited time availability or perhaps wanting to sample what we offer on a longer multi-day retreat.

Based in the UK’s only coastal National Park, we have the privilege to offer breathtaking landscapes and oceans, providing a perfect setting for an inspiring immersive experience.

In this interactive workshop we'll explore core concepts that promote physical and mental health alongside the fundamentals of human movement such as running, crawling, lifting and throwing. We’ll explore practical life skills, field craft techniques and learning methods for self sufficiency including the four principles of survival: shelter, warmth, water & food to increase confidence and self sufficiency in all manner of environments. 

The itinerary is designed to invigorate and rejuvenate, whilst also being mindful of rest and recovery.

During the day we will also look at how a deeper connection with the natural world can enhance our health and vitality.  This will include an understanding of Biophilia - our ingrained connection with other living things - and how we can promote this on a daily basis.

Everyone is different so we look to provide a tailored experience for each person who joins us, taking into account personal goals and fitness ability.  We deliberately limit group size so that our coaches can provide personal guidance and assistance throughout the day, as required.

The day will be lead by Meadow co-owner and Health Coach Nick, alongside former Paratrooper and outdoor expert Ryan.  

Participants will be asked to complete a health PARQ form before attending the workshop plus sign a disclaimer consenting to taking responsibility for their own wellbeing during the course.

Sample Itinerary

9am - Welcome meeting and coffee at The Meadow

9.30am -  Mobility and Movement workshop

10.30am -Essentials for adventure workshop

11.15am- Morning refreshment

11.45am -Beach Circuits - Lunch and rest - Coastal hike 

4.00pm - Stillness and the breath workshop

4.30pm –Group reflection and discussion

5.00pm -  Finish


What do I need to bring

Come with appropriate clothing for exercise, we will be outside for the majority of the time so dress according to the season.  A change of clothes is advisable as there's a high probability of getting muddy, wet or both!

What time should I arrive at The Meadow

We suggest you to get to the cafe just before 9am.

How fit do I need to be

We advise that participants should be able to walk 3-5 miles without discomfort to fully participate in the day.

Will I have to keep up with everyone else in the movement session

Absolutely not, all the sessions are designed so that everyone can work at their own pace whilst benefiting from a group environment. Emphasis is placed on moving effectively as opposed to pushing beyond limitations.

What food will be provided

Our philosophy is to serve healthy, unprocessed foods with an emphasis on seasonal ingredients that are both nutritionally dense and delicious. Please advise us of any special dietary requirements at the time of booking.

How many people will be on the course

We have a limit of 10 clients per workshop, with a minimum of 2 instructors at all times.

What if it rains

We advise participants to come prepared for all weather conditions.  As the main emphasis of the workshop is to reconnect with the elements we encourage participation in all weathers as long as it's safe to do so.

Can I bring my phone

We ask that participants only check phones/digital devises at the start and end of the workshop, allowing for a deeper immersion in the experience.

If you’d like to discuss the day further before booking then contact 

Close (esc)

Closed Until Further Notice

The cafe is now shut due to the coronavirus outbreak. We will let you know as soon as we are able to start trading again and look forward to seeing you soon.

Until then, stay well, look after each other and we will get through this storm and build something from it.

Thank you for all of your support. X

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