Sustainability Policy

In reviewing and shaping our business processes, we have considered our direct impact on society and the environment as well as that of our suppliers. Our Sustainability Policy covers Sourcing, Society and Environment.


Local & Seasonal

We use local and seasonal produce to support Welsh business, reduce haulage costs and the environmental impact of transport. 

Ethical Meat & Dairy

We buy high welfare meat and dairy products from our local butcher Rob at Gwyn Davies & Sons and Pembrokeshire dairies. 

Environmentally Positive Farming

Where possible, we target local farmers committed to high levels of environmental stewardship.  These include small holders, Andy Gill & Kate Staples, our own chef Nic and Gill at Perennial Nursery.

Fair Trade

We buy many fairly traded products to ensure farmers in the developing world have access to a trade system based on justice and fairness.  Our main wholesale suppliers are Suma and Essential Trading.


Treating People Fairly

We aim to provide equal opportunities, training and clear policies for our employees and to create a culture that people are proud to be a part of and which allows individuals .

Healthy Eating

Our menu offers simple wholesome food, made using high quality ingredients. We offer a balance of healthy and plant-led options and seasonal dishes alongside local meat, sweet treats, craft ales and of course great coffee!  

Community Engagement

We are committed to providing a space for the community to gather through our daily opening and our event offering.  Our upstairs space is also available to use of community groups outside of peak service times.

We provide discounted food and drink for people who live and work in the area (please ask about our Meadow Card).  Our events focus on wellbeing and the outdoors and include films, cycling and music events aimed at bringing the community together.


Supply Chain

We aim to minimise the environmental impact of supply chain transportation while supporting local businesses. Many of our suppliers are based in Pembrokeshire such as Rik our Milk & Veg Supplier, Pembrokeshire Cider Co who supply our cider vinegar and pressed apple juice and Helen, our wonderful welshcake baker.  We use reusable boxes and crates, where possible. 

Waste Management

We monitor and review our waste to highlight ways that we can reduce our output. This includes food preparation and packaging of supplies. We buy refills where possible to reduce consumption of single use plastics and other materials.  We separate food and non-food waste.

We are committed to reducing waste sent to landfill through:

 - Reducing the use of single use plastics

 - Upcycling products such as our coffee grounds, which was used in our Coffee Soap and our vegetable trays that are re-used by Bernie our local garden nursery.  

 - Using food side-products to make soups and smoothies.  For example our cucumber lemonade is made using the cores of cucumbers and lemons that need to be used up!

Energy Efficiency

We use a 100% renewable’ energy provider. We also work to improve energy efficiency to save resources, protect the environment and cuts costs.

Water Saving

We closely manage water usage to save money and reduce environmental impact.

Other initiatives

We are also part of the WWF One Planet Cities Challenge alongside lower local businesses and will share our findings and actions as the project progresses.

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Closed Until Further Notice

The cafe is now shut due to the coronavirus outbreak. We will let you know as soon as we are able to start trading again and look forward to seeing you soon.

Until then, stay well, look after each other and we will get through this storm and build something from it.

Thank you for all of your support. X

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