Turmeric Blend, 50g

Product image 1Turmeric Blend, 50g
Product image 2Turmeric Blend, 50g
Product image 3Turmeric Blend, 50g
Product image 4Turmeric Blend, 50g
Product image 5Turmeric Blend, 50g
Product image 6Turmeric Blend, 50g

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A Balance of Delicious Healing Spices

Handmade in small batches.

A healing, nurturing blend of spices that can be added to warm milk to make a turmeric latte, blended in smoothies, added baking and roast veg too...  We even sprinkle it on halloumi before it's grilled to make amazing spiced halloumi. 

Ingredients & Benefits

Turmeric* is one of the greatest anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatories on the planet, due largely to its primary active ingredient, curcumin.  Turmeric-rich diets have also been linked to lower rates of cancer.
Ginger* is a powerful anti-inflammatory with antioxidant properties.  It can also relieve nausea and aid digestion.  
Cardamom* has many benefits including combatting digestive problems.  It has a detoxifying effect on the body and is used after meals in India to freshen the breath.
A pinch of black pepper.
Daily use of the turmeric blend can aid muscle recovery and circulatory health by reducing inflammation caused by diet, stress and physical exercise. 


Many members of The Meadow team start the day with a Turmeric Latte – we find it’s a great way to stay fighting fit during long coastal winters and busy summer seasons!

Other Information
Once opened use within 6 months.
Dimensions: H5.5cm x W6.5cm x D6.5cm approx 50g.
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